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Microsoft released a neat little tool called the data import tool. This tool allows any user to select an entity, a system view or even a personal view, then modify the data in batch mode. However, anyone that tried to connect to crm via IFD or a partner hosted crm noticed right away that it was not allowed.


Only on prem authentication was supported. Bummer.

One of our developers has now modified this little tool to also support IFD authentication. Logging in is just like before, except we now have a section for IFD connection. SSL is also fully supported so you securely can batch edit your data via the Internet.

For anyone not familiar with this tool, it is fairly simply to use. After connecting to crm, select the entity and the view then show records.

The data can be modified right in the tool, using its own inline grid.

Or you can export the records to CSV, modify the data excel, the import the data back to crm for an update.
If you are looking for IFD support, let us know and we’ll send you our version.


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